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A Bhutanese Contemporary and Thangka artist based in Hong Kong 

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Contemporary & Bhutan Heritage Art Exhibition

不丹當代藝術與傳承文化展: 慈悲 . 禪定 . 覺醒

Nima Dorj is a Bhutanese born artist living in Hong Kong. Born into a family of thangka artists in Bhutan, he received his painting training under the tutelage of his father, Master Thinley Norbu, a renowned Bhutanese thangka artist.


This exhibition showcases Nima’s new works that are outside of traditional boundaries for the first time, yet they still hold the connotations of home.


During this critical moment of Covid-19 pandemic , we all are going through many difficult challenges and facing toughness of life’s, although is very difficult to changed what had happened, but we still stand strong, at this time he invites audiences to explore the understanding of impermanence and hope that this show may give happiness and rest to your beautiful mind even if it is for a short period of time and to finally realize peacefulness through his artistic reservoir.

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