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A Bhutanese Contemporary and Thangka artist based in Hong Kong 


“I want to use the language of art to present my thoughts of spirituality and Buddhism to nourish our souls in order to get you in touch with the silence within your soul to drive deep into Compassion, Meditation and Awareness” --- Nima Dorji

Nima Dorji, is a Bhutanese born artist living in Hong Kong. Born into a family of thangka artists in Bhutan, he received his painting training under the tutelage of his father, Master Thinley Norbu. Thinley Norbu, is a famous Thangka master in Bhutan and is a national treasure. He completed more than 40 monastery projects and taught students at the Bhutan Training Institute. After establishing a private Thangka training institute, he trained more than 100 professional artists in Bhutan. Since childhood, Nima Dorji was trained as an artist. At the age of six, Nima picked up a brush and started learning to draw, while sitting next to his father. Over the ensuing years, Nima’s knowledge of painting and Buddhism grew, thanks to his father. At the age of 11, he completed his first thangka painting. In 2008, he became a full-time honorary thangka painter and in the same year, he painted the entire temple of Shingjong Gonpa Temple in eastern Bhutan.  

Nima Dorji is now living in Hong Kong. He teaches thangka paintings and works with different artists on a range of creative projects; from traditional thangka art to modern art projects. He also gives public speeches on Buddha's teachings and practices.  If you would like to discuss a new project or have any questions, please contact Nima Dorji via email. 

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