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Nima Dorji - Thangka painter and artist

Nima Dorji (b. 1989) was born and raised in
Bhutan, he works predominantly in Thangka
paintings, mandala art, wall art, status
painting and also experimented with
woodworking art.

Nima Dorji, his life is not meant to start from
a blank canvas. Since the 14th century,
seven generations of his family have passed
down a tradition of Thangka painting. His
grandfather Master Tshampa Konta Drodril
Dorji and his father Thinley Norbu are
famous national treasure thangka master in
Bhutan and Central Asia. At the age of six,
Nima started learning to draw and paint,
under the tutelage of his father, and at the
age of 11 he completed his first Thangka. In
2006, while he was still at school, Nima
became a part-time Thangka trainer, and he
and his family members worked together to
paint temples and monasteries. In 2008 he
became a full-time honorary Thangka
painter. In the same year, he painted the
entire temple of Shingjong Gonpa Temple in
eastern Bhutan.

In 2011 he came to Hong Kong, and set uphis art studio Terma Art in 2012, workingmainly on Thangka art and restoringBuddhist statues.Until now, Nima Dorji has created more than150 thangka arts, painted more than 30murals for temples and repaired over 2,000Buddha statues.

Until now, Nima Dorji has created more than
150 thangka arts, painted more than 30
murals for temples and repaired over 2,000
Buddha statues.



By the age of 13, Nima Dorji became an  official member in the team of his Father and
Teacher Thinley Norbu. He created a wall painting in Gangtey Gonpa (The Gangteng
Monastery), located in the Wangdue Phodrang District in central Bhutan


Nima created a wall painting in Zangdopelri Monastery in Thimphu of Bhutan


Nima created a wall painting in Khuju Lhakhang Monastery in Paro of Bhutan


Nima created a wall painting in Thimphu Dzong, that is the current seat of government
of Bhutan and headquarter of Bhutan clergy


Nima painted the entire temple of Shingjong Gonpa Temple in eastern Bhutan on his own


Nima created a wall painting in Karma Thegsum Dechenling Monastery in eastern


This year Nima decisively took the decision to move to Hong Kong. He received his first
art & culture interview by Metro Radio of Hong Kong


Nima set up his own art studio Terma Art, working mainly on Buddhist art exchanges,
Thangka art and Buddhist statues restorations


Nima received another culture interview by Commercial Radio


Rehabilitation of Outdoor Buddha Statues at Repulse Bay is completed

2017 & 2018

Nima Dorji conducted 2 Thangka Appreciation Sharing Talks for Youth Square Hong Kong


Nima held an Thangka exhibition at Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery of Fringe Club. At the same time, Nima gave an exclusive interview on the topic of his exhibition and Thangka art for i-CABLE ‘s programme “Close to Culture”

Nima was invited to help on a construction project for Po Ming Yuen Monastery in Shatin


Nima made contribution to a statue restoration project for Yuen Duo Temple in
Chai Wan

Nima held another Thangka exhibition in The Mills, Tsuen Wan


Apple Daily published an Art & Culture interview on Nima Dorji

At the same time, Nima was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Journal about the
exhibition and his art journey


Nima again was interviewed by i-CABLE ‘s programme “Close to Culture” on his art and
Thangka inheritance




Hereditary Compassion of Wisdom Thangka Arts, Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery


COMPASSION . MEDITATION . AWARENESS Contemporary & Bhutan Heritage Art Exhibition, PMQ


Father-Son Thangka Heritage Sharing by Master Thinley Norbu & Nima Dorji, Art Experience Gallery


Master Thinley Norbu & Nima Dorji Debri Thangka Exhibition, Terma Workshop

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