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The seed channel or ultimate path of transformation of purity to all forms of the existing body.


As white light, OM radiates pure energy through the forehead channels and spaces of every part of the body and dissolves in every unbalanced part of it, clearing all obstructions, healing all illnesses, purifying all impurities in the body parts caused by karma from the nervous system to each cell, generating an indestructible energy that continues to exist beyond death and rebirth.   


In searching for inner self, it is very hard to locate a definitive point. It is so vast that it points in one direction and travels beyond limits, extending to the farthest reaches of space known to this human realm. 


However, the forces of birth and death of the body are constantly found in every part of the body, and every birth has a point from which the energy is released. 


If I were to express this energy in the form of an image in Buddhist vision, then I can imagine it as the art I created. The immeasurable energy source which forms the body, floating beyond infinite space and distance just within my body. 






然而,身體每一部分無時無刻都在不停的生生死死,每一次誕生都有一個能量釋放的點。我因此以佛教視覺把它成為我的藝術 — 構成身體中不可估量的能量來源,就在我的身體裡,漂浮在無限的空間和距離之外,在虚空之中。



The seed channel or ultimate path of transformation of purity to all forms of wind flow. 


Ah, the pure energy radiates as red light, passing through the throat channels and spaces of all parts of the body. 

Dissolving in each unbalanced wind channel, it clears all impurities in the body caused by the air and harsh words that come out of our mouth. Tuning back the optimal frequency of speech and receiving the calmness of silence, reducing disturbances caused by loudness, it brings a continuously calmer pace of wind channel promoting longevity. However the force of birth and death in body is constantly located on all the part of my body and each birth of the body cause the friction and it cause the sound barely I can describe, to experience put your point finger in your ears “ yes this is the sound” generate by constant movement of cell birth, blood flow, etc

If I were to express sound in the form of an image in Buddhist vision, then I can imagine it as the art I created. 

Sound forming the body compacted by movement of everything within, although difficult to hear with my ears just in this body of mine.







然而,身體的生滅之力時時分佈在我身體的各個部位,身體的每一次生滅都會引起摩擦,產生難以形容的聲音,將你的食指伸進去你的耳朵,你會體驗到「是的,這就是聲音」,這種聲音是由細胞生滅、血液流動等不斷運動而產生的。我以佛教視覺把它成為我的藝術 — 聲音形成了身體中每個細胞的一切共振和波動,儘管在我這個身體裡用耳朵很難聽到。



Hung, the pure energy radiates as Blue light, passing through the heart channels and spaces of all parts of the body.


Dissolving in each unbalanced channel, it clears all impurities in the body caused by our feelings and impure wind, realizing the ultimate wisdom of self existence in every form, direction and space of oneness in everything.


In search of inner self, this is one of the most important factors in meditation.  All feelings are generated from it and dissolve into it, depending upon the mental phenomena . 


Both OM and AH are formed from HUNG. 

The heart generates feelings, while the body and wind generate constant movement, frictions and electrons are created boosting mental or brain activities. Different thoughts are then created encouraging feelings to grow further and the actions which follow.


Once we understand the root of feelings comes from the heart, that these feelings are real but not true, with such awareness, all that follows thus ceases.

If I were to express the point where everything starts in the form of an image in Buddhist vision, then I can imagine it as the art I created. Point of emotions forming spontaneously.

「吽」種子字通道或終極心靈道路。 散發出純淨的藍光能量,穿過心經和心臟內血液各部位的空間,溶解到心臟各個不平衡的部位,清除一切障礙,治癒因感受而引起的身體部位的所有疾病、雜質及不淨風,證得一切形體、方位、空間、一切皆一體的自我存在的究竟智慧。






 一旦我們明白了感受本身的根源生成並不是真正真實的,有了這樣的意識,接下來的一切就會停止。如果我需要把一切開始的點以佛教視覺把它成為我的藝術 — 情緒點自發源起。



Everyone is different by character, different by appearance, by choice, by gender and feelings, except by nature. 


We have developed attraction toward everything so strong that the attraction itself has become too concrete. We have separated us into you and me, he and she, love and hate that made us create a solid boundary against our true nature. Acceptance toward everything has been covered by the space we have generated by grasping too dearly to oneself called ME.  


In truth, the nature of oneness within all of us can be easily understood. All that is born will die no matter how fast, hard or far we run. We share the desire to be relieved from pain and hunger, we share the desire for happiness, we share the need to breathe the air that mother nature provides equally.


My art of Acceptance shows no matter what skin we wear, we all are bone underneath and deserve everything equally.  Accept the way we are, so we can accept everything the way they are ; accept how we are, so we can accept everyone for how they are; accept ourselves as just as it is, so we can accept everything just as it is.  Once we accept everything, the smile of true happiness will naturally bloom from within.


每個人的個性、外表、選擇、性別和感情都不同,除了本性之外。 我們對一切事物的吸引力如此強烈以至於變得過於具體,並已經將我們分離成你和我,他和她,愛和恨,使我們為我們的真實本性建立了堅實的界限。對萬物的接納被我們過於執著於「我」而造成束縛侷限。




我的藝術 一 「接受」,無論我們穿著什麼皮膚外衣,我們都是骨子裡的人,平等地應得一切。 「物我一如」一 接受我們原本的樣子,所以我們才能接受一切本來的樣子,接受我們本來的樣子,所以我們才能接受每個人本來的樣子,接受我們自己,所以我們才能接受萬物眾生本來的樣子,一旦我們接受了一切,幸福的笑容自然會在內心綻放。

The Journey of Soul_LoRes.jpg


“Bar” can be understood in simple form as in-between, or a gap between something. 

This can also be translated as the intermediate state or transition during which the consciousness of a person takes on a mental body projected by the previous karmic tendencies. 


“Do” means two. 

This is related to the duration of time between birth and death or the beginning and end of the cycle of birth and attainment of enlightenment. 


The combination of these two words, Bar and Do, refers to the time experienced between two points, such as birth and death, regardless of how long that moment or time duration may be. All sentient beings, including ourselves, will exist within the Bardo for a certain period of time because our confused minds have both their beginning and end with karma.

The art that I created is the visionary of all the elements dissolving as our inner consciousness glows bright like lamp light.




"Do” 的意思是,這描述出生與死亡之間經歷的時間, 或出生與證悟週期的開始和結束。


Bar 和 Do 這兩個詞的組合指的是出生與死亡等兩點之間經歷的時間,無論那一刻或持續時間有多長。 一切眾生,包括我們自己,都會在中陰中存在一段時間,這是因為我們的迷惑心都有著業力的開始和結束。





For everything in all the existence realms, nothing is everlasting.  As soon as it is born, its impermanence is born simultaneously. This is the ultimate truth of nature. 


If everything is impermanent then what is the point in being too attached?  We already know at some point, we ourselves will not last, same to the situations and things that surround us, no matter if we are happy or sad it is just for a moment. 


This teaches us that we should let the situation be, regardless of happiness or sadness, understanding the nature of impermanence, that it’s just here for the time being and then letting it go. By not being attached to the moment, we can thus find relief within ourselves.


The art I created is based on the ideology of the old buddhist tradition, sand mandala. We create the sand mandala and destroy it after the ritual, Indicating that nothing lasts forever no matter how beautiful, popular, rich, or poor, it is all just momentary.



這就是大自然的終極真理。 當知一切皆是無常,那麼執著還有何意義?我們已經知道,到了某個時候,連自己都不會再存在,那我們周圍的事物也是如此。所以,即使是快樂或悲傷的情況,也只是一瞬間的事。 這告訴我們,無論什麼情況,譬如當我們悲傷,我們明白它的本質是無常,只是暫時的,隨它去,不要執著於當下,這樣我們就能從情況中自解脫。


我創作的藝術是基於古老的佛教傳統 — 沙曼陀羅的意識形態。 當創造了沙壇城,便會在儀式後銷毀。這顯示著無論多麼美麗,多麼流行,多麼富有,多麼貧窮,沒有什麼是永恆的,一切都只是一瞬間。



Awareness is not something that we find just in mediation, awareness exists within everything. 


Most of the time we get lost, shifting our focus and intentions outward, focusing on the things we see, touch, talk, and our feelings. But where is everything known from? Where is every feeling felt from? 


While we ask ourselves this question, it leads to one answer: this is me, but then who is me? Which part of the body is me? Is it the head? Is it the body? It is very difficult to point out. 


When I ask myself this question and try to find the answer for a long time, which has been already answered too many times within myself, the clarity of being aware of knowing the question, understanding the question arises. The clarity of being aware of knowing those feelings. Once I have experienced and realized awareness, it is vast and clean with no end to it, there is no direction to point, but not empty either, it is blissful and has the sense of presence, calm and comfort yet without place or form, it is beautiful but without appearance. It is present just as it is, on which the feelings are felt, form, appearance and place does arise, but on top of the awareness itself.

I created art where I try to compare my experiences and they do make sense. Awareness is the sky and all the appearances are just like clouds, it forms and destroys, thick or thin, the face of clouds changes but it does nothing to the sky, it stays as it is.




大多數時候,我們會迷失方向,將注意力和意圖轉移到外境上,專注於我們所看到的、觸摸到的、談論到的事物以及我們的感受。但一切從何而來呢? 每一種感覺從何而來?




當我問自己這個問題試著尋找答案時,往往發現其實在我的內心已經回答過太多次了,而且清晰地覺知到問題及對問題的生起。清晰地覺知到了解這些的感受。 當我體驗覺知時,它廣闊而乾淨,沒有盡頭,沒有方向可指,但也不空,它是喜悅的,有存在感,平靜和舒適,但沒有確實位置或形式,它美麗,但沒有外表。 它就在那裡,感受、形式、外觀和地點確實在其上生起,但建立在覺知上。




state of realization.jpg


Realization happens every moment deep within us. 


Whenever we experience something great, something very special, it is very difficult for us to believe or realize that it is happening because it happens too quickly and too easily.  We only become aware of it because of a vivid memory.  As Buddhism describes, wisdom is the process of understanding something and becoming naturally clear about anything. It is like experiencing silence in silence or knowing the sound of silence. In every moment, it is as it is.


Seeing realization in my experience, just as I realize that I am in the true silence and noticing any silences, as if seeing a black hung syllabus appear on a black canvas, separated by white as noticing the appearance.











Karma is the mother of all forms, the end of the karmic cycle, the end of everything, let’s say our bodies, the closest forms to us.  To get the opportunity to have a form, we have to reach our karmic wind at the right time in the karmic space.  Just as it takes one in a million for something to happen, so does karmic wind formation work in a similar way to create what is called TIKLE or THE POINT in Buddhism. 


It takes one in a million to connect the (white) compassion energy from a karmic father and the (red) compassion energy from karmic mother at one point in space and in time, although there are are billions of forms of energy and the action of this coincidence occurs over and over again in space and in time.  The art I created THE POINT represents the moment when it happened or is happening every moment with the result that KARMA is forming our form.  




雖然有數十億種能量形式,而且這種巧合在空間和時間上反覆發生,但在某一點上將來自業力之父的慈悲能量(白色)和來自業力之母的慈悲能量(紅色)連接起來需要百萬分之一的時間。我創作的藝術作品《TIKLE/ THE POINT》代表了這一切發生的那一瞬間,或每時每刻都在發生的結果,即因果關係正在形成我們的形態。



Energy is what boosts everything, energy is what runs everything. It is amazing that the world exists within the world, powering the flow of frequency and causing the nature of all phenomena.  It is the energy of mind that drives Karma, the energy of karma that drives elements, the energy of elements that drive the cells, and the energy of the cells that drive the different forms that are all part of a living organism.  They exist everywhere in every form and in Buddhism they are called VIRYA.  In Buddhism, we call this ability dissolving into the rainbow body. If we practice the mind so strongly, even our body will be able to dissolve into energy. 


In order to experience this, I divert myself into a stage of energy, as shown in the picture, where I find myself as one form of energy among millions, luminous in luminosity. 


能量推動一切,能量運作一切。令人驚訝的是,世界存在於世界之中,無數無量,推動著頻率的流動,造成了一切現象的本質。心靈的能量驅動著業力,業力的能量驅動著元素,元素的能量驅動著細胞,細胞的能量驅動著作為生命體的各種形態。它們以各種形式存在於各處,在佛教中被稱為 "VIRYA" (梵文指生命的精華,有時又譯「精進」)。在佛教中,我們稱這種能力為「虹化」,溶入虹身。如果我們潛心修煉,甚至我們的身體也能熔化分解為能量。



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